Monday, December 1, 2008

Gone with the wind

I despise roller coasters. They give me a major headache make my tummy do backward flip flops, make me scream the death curl and they bring up previous meals. I can stand and watch a roller coaster and become sick. I also have this really kool visor.

In Florida one needs something to keep the sun off the freckles. Hats are not my thing but visors are. I have a special visor that I purchased about a year ago at the pier in St. Petersburg. It set me back $10.00. It has a colorful tropical design and it fits snugly on the head and produces no achy heads or hathair.

Did I mention my displeasure in roller coasters?

Hubby and I spent our special day at Universal Studios. We had free tickets. Our very first ride of the day was the Mummy ride. The wait was only about 30 minutes compared to the Soarin ride at Epcot that was an hour and a half. Hubby the fine man that he is talked me in to taking the Mummy ride. Seconds before we entered the ride I noticed a sign that mentioned the ride is not recommended for those with back problems, pregnant women and those that experience motion sickness. I am the motion sickness Queen.

I nudged hubby and requested he read the sign. He smiled. I said, "Is this a roller coaster?"

"It's a baby one," he whispered.

My stomach began to knot itself silly. I felt the dizziness seeping through my blood. I swallowed down the remains of breakfast.

"Why didn't you tell me this was a roller coaster?"

"It's just a mild one," sneered hubby.

Okay I think to myself there is no way I can traverse back down those stairs through masses of people to leave. I took in a deep Yoga breathe and proceeded into the coaster. It didn't look like a baby one to me. I sat down stowed my prescription sunglasses inside my womanly clothing and adjusted my visor. I took it off and squeezed it flat. But then how could I hold on desperately to the bar and hold my visor.

I put the visor back on my head and it felt snug as a bug in a rug. It should stay firmly attached to my head - I foolishly thought. Off we go into darkness as I scrunched my eyes closed. Perhaps if I don't see anything I will not get sick and be terrified for my life.

The jerky movement began. I screamed, a thousand times I must have screamed because my voice box became non existent. And then the baby curve and the rush of hot stagnant air and off with my visor. I couldn't let go of the bar to grab my precious visor and I was in the middle of a panic attack. My visor was gone with the wind. I felt sadness and then sickness.

My breakfast boiled like a great volcano ready to erupt. I leaned toward hubby. Let him get a full dose of what a baby roller coaster ride really does to me. Eject scrambled eggs.

We left the ride while I wobbled down the narrow hallway feeling the loss of my precious visor and breakfast. For some strange odd reason the ride was momentarily shut down. I'm thinking my most precious visor was resting somewhere on the tracks. The next day I checked with lost and found but came up empty headed. The visor was gone with the wind never to be seen again. Hubby will buy me a new visor.
Did I mention that I really dislike roller coaster?

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