Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vernon, Florida

I just watched a documentary by Errol Morris called Vernon, Florida. It was produced in 1981. Many of the townspeople were appalled when the film premiered. They stated it viewed their town in a negative light.

The documentary included several old men, a police officer and a turkey hunter. The turkey hunter must have had the turkeys giblets and other parts in his mouth because to understand what he was trying to say was difficult and boring. Apparently he lives and breathes turkey killing. He saves their feet and beard and has them hanging on a plaque. I suppose this is better than a deer head above the fireplace.

The other old men or perhaps I should refer to them as 'seniors' just rambled on about stuff, like a muddy river and gofer tortoises. Once again extremely hard to decipher their words and make sense out of what they were talking about. Eccentric men with a passion for life through their eyes.

Vernon is in the Florida panhandle, west of the state capital Tallahassee. The Florida panhandle is interesting and desolate country. After watching the film I would love to visit Vernon and see what the town has to offer today. On the front cover of the DVD it states - An Unforgettable Film, and it is. I'm sure it did not win any awards or Oscars. It's a little quirky, bizarre and at times boring. I'm glad I watched this documentary as it gives me a different perspective on Florida. This would be what some refer to as the REAL Florida.

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