Monday, December 22, 2008

Stomach View

I have 'motion sickness', the extreme kind. Most likely it's psychological but then that's me. I can get ill just watching a roller coaster I don't even need to get on it to be sick.

I remember when I was a teen (so many moons ago) when I and a friend went on this stand up ride that twirled around. You were strapped in and it twirled faster and faster and then pivoted. After the third rotation I closed my eyes and was terrified to open them again. When the ride from hell stopped I couldn't even unbuckled myself. Some kind young man standing next to me helped. Such a kind soul and I repaid him with my lunch on his shoes.

We're getting ready for the cruise and I have been in a panic. I have my 'Bonine' packed and ready to use. The trip and my affliction have been a constant mess swirling in my thoughtless head. I obsess with minor details till their death. Last night being so preoccupied with the fact that I may get sick again on a cruise - I fell into dreamland. My dreams - so real - woke me from slumber. OMG - I was seasick in bed. I could barely make it to the bathroom. What will happen when I walk the plank onto a real ship and she starts to rock? If my dreams can make me sick what about the real world? Woe is me as I continue to clash with reality and the real world. Take me away - a better place - a secret place -a hiding place.

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