Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Senior Florida Drivers

They're everywhere and they cause many accidents. Seniors tooooo old to be on the roads. They crash through buildings, houses, fences and at times groups of people.
This morning I was almost one of their fatalities. I went to the post office a minor task you would think. I saw one of the old geezers backing out (they never look) so I took precautions. I walked far away from their car. They stopped in the middle of the parking lot. Who knows why?
So, I'm thinking the car is at a dead stop I can walk around it. Not a good decision. I was just past his front bumper when he gunned the gas. Scared the crap out of me! I jumped. And the old fart went barreling through the parking lot almost rear ending another car.
I believe these folks get confused and go to step on the brakes and they miss the mark. That's what many of them say after an accident.
If you can't remember what pedal is the brake and what pedal is the gas you need to STAY off the road, give up your license and take a bus.

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