Saturday, November 29, 2008

Brats in toyland

I just read a disturbing article about parents writing letters to toy manufactures about their toy advertisements. They state it encourages their children to ask (whine) for that particular toy which in most instances is expensive. They say in these pitiful economic times it is unfair to saturate the air waves and other media with toy options for their children. They state they cannot afford these toys but their children WANT them.
Who is the parent-the decision maker here? Have you ever heard, - 'just say no?' Your child will survive without that electronic techno gadget.
I wanted many things while I was growing up in a family with 5 children. Did I ever ask - whine - or demand stuff? NO!
I accepted what I received and was glad for even the smallest of items. Yes, other kids had neat stuff and I felt left out but nothing bad happened to me - except for being a blogger. My Christmas stocking was filled with socks and underwear.
My children have wanted things but they did not always get what they wanted. How about a little more quality time with the kiddies - that is priceless.
I never promised you a rose garden - but I can let you smell and touch the real thing.
Stop blaming toy manufactures for poor parenting skills. Stand up and take the credit for what your children are. They don't need everything they see advertised.

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