Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Van Go Is Gone

I am an earring connoisseur. Over the years I have bought and received many unusual and expensive ear lobe adornments. One anniversary hubby presented me with an original pair made especially for me - they were one of a kind. Now they are none of a kind.
I purchase lovely ear bobs when we travel - a token remembrance of our excursions. I have numerous single earrings. I relate my earrings to socks in the dryer. They disappear. So, I could say with justification that - the earring ran away with the sock and the little spouse did not laugh as the cat jumped over the bed with a shiny stud clutched in her jaws.
I believe I am earring challenged. For reason unknown to me I misplace them, I break them (unintentionally) and I let the cat eat them.
I have (had) a lovely pair of pearl earrings. They are (were) delicate and beautiful. Yesterday, I was a little rushed for work and picked out my gorgeous pearl studs to adorn my lobes. I leaned over the bathroom vanity smiled at myself in the mirror and immediately dropped the earring back on the floor. I reached down to retrieve the minuscule gold plug and the tiny pearl earring slipped from my fingers. Down the drain she went to live forever or until she disintegrated in the depths of the dark. Now, I am left with a single gorgeous pearl earring. Perhaps it would look nice pinched through my right eyebrow or protruding from my lip or better yet the belly.
Alas - I shall put my solitary pearl stud in the blue satin box of onesies that sits on the top of my dresser covered with dust. Someday, someone will discover my box of treasures and wonder if they belonged to a one eared woman who became a famous painter.

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