Saturday, November 15, 2008

Haley: Sorry For Vet's Death

I am against the war and violence in general but I do support our troops. One can be against something but still support those who are trying to make the world a better place for us. I strongly believe it is wrong and many soldiers are dying. These Americans are giving their life for all of us and how do we treat them?
There have been several articles lately concerning the Veterans Hospital in St. Petersburg and how they treat our heroes. Recently they sent home a veteran without his NEEDED oxygen. He died several hours later. What an awful death that must have been. And this is our thanks to those that have made our country a safe haven. How does this atrocity happen? Why does it continue to happen?
I have heard horror stories on the treatment of our service people and the humiliation that we bestow upon them when their medical needs are not met. What the flup is wrong with our services? How can we be proud of what we are doing. Veterans Day is a huge celebration (sales and shopping) and a day off from work for many. Perhaps if we do something positive for our heroes instead of shopping the world could be a happier place.
I step down from my pedestal and look at the world with a different view. Yes, I am still against the war and all wars but I still support our troops. Why can't we support them when they return home and need medical attention? The V.A. hospital has apologized for Mr. Szamlewski's death. Like that helps!!!!!

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