Friday, November 14, 2008

Endeavor Launches

I'm sitting in my backyard in my brightly painted green rocking chair dressed in my pink reindeer nightie. I feel a lump on my shoulder and reach inside and to my surprise it is a gecko resting safely on my shoulder inside my pink reindeer nightie. I let out a little scream and rip off that pink reindeer nightie right there in my backyard. I give the pink reindeer nightie a little shake and slip it back on. I'm hoping some of the neighbors were not watching the shuttle launch and my strip tease.
After the hair raising experience I was unable to sit back down on my green painted wooden rocking chair. I stand silently in my side yard gazing at the moon as clouds creep across the night sky. I see a burst of light pop over the treeline and watch in awe as the shuttle begins her journey. I am amazed that I can see from the Gulf of Mexico to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. A marvelous sight not so for the unwanted gecko.

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