Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Smile Pretty

Yesterday, I went for yet another crown. Not the kind you slip on your head. This is a lovely porcelain fixture that sits on a metal stump inside my mouth. Why they drill that tooth down to nothing is beyond me? They refuse to extract a tooth - it must be saved they preach. Right now I have more money invested in my mouth than my house in Florida.
I wonder if I should insure my mouth like I do my car? It has more value than my 4 year old car. Housing prices have dropped below the high water mark, car values plummet with excess mileage and the cost of groceries is over the hedge. But dental work continues to rise while our health insurance continues to pay less and the premiums go up.
False teeth are so much cheaper than root canals and crowns. Perhaps I could use my pricey revamped teeth as collateral when I purchase a new vehicle? Maybe I should have been a dentist.
A dental experience for me is always traumatic and expensive. I would say much like negotiating the purchase of a new car with aggressive sales people. I'm not sure the word 'people' is appropriate but to use profanity would be wrong.
Today we make a decision on our future. I'm hoping the new administration finds a cure for the cost of health insurance, the housing market, unemployment and a gagillion other problems facing our country. And there should be a law - punishable - by imprisonment for any dentist that asks you a question while your mouth is wide open with a drill inside and a clamp on your tongue and expect an audible answer.

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