Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tortie feels Tortured

The cat has been banned from the bedroom and she is not happy. She has become psychotic (more than she already was) and bewildered. No longer can she rip apart the under covering of the bed and climb up inside the framework.

After a week she has almost accepted her deportation from the bedroom. She watches with lust in her eyes every time the bedroom door is opened. Today she actually moved so fast that she flashed right past me and scurried under the bed. She hid in her safe place for about an hour till she heard the sound of food dropping into her dish. She was out of there like lightening.

She has moved on to the guest bedroom and is spending a huge amount of time under the couch. I'm sure by now she has shredded the under covering of the couch and made herself a new hovel.

Her world has changed and she is not not a happy camper.

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