Sunday, November 30, 2008

Basin - apology

On a recent trip to Orlando I decided to stop at Downtown Disney to shop at my favorite bath and beauty store - Basin. Their products are wonderful, last a long time and are priced affordable. Woe is me - my shopping experience was not a positive one.
I listened to a conversation between employees that was best kept for the break room and I was ignored, overlooked and extremely frustrated by my treatment. Upon my return home (3 hours away) I sent an e-mail concerning my unpleasant experience. I also send e-mails when service and products are outstanding. I believe if you do your job and even go beyond your duties that you should be complimented.
So, off goes my e-mail and I believed that would be the last of that issue. I felt better for putting my frustration in writing. What a surprise when I received an e-mail from the employee who ignored me. I am hoping it was sincere and not forced by management. I have included the e-mail.
I will now shop online for these special products, although going to the store - touching, smelling and trying out these fantastic products is a great experience.


I would like to make an apology to the guest that came into our store.I saw the guest approach the counter from my peripheral vision. I thenturned around to see if she needed anything, using an inquisitivefacial expression, as I often do. However, I failed to physically askif she needed help, because I mistakenly assumed that she had seen myface, and didn't need my help. I wish I had thought to ask the guest.Even though she didn't ask for a sales associates help, I should havetaken the initiative and asked her if she could be helped. I thoughtthat she was in a party with the other guests at another register, orperhaps she wanted to speak to the manager, who was busy with a sale ofher own. I meant no disrespect when I began ringing up anothercustomer, as I thought that she was waiting to speak with the managerwho was busy the that time.
I would like to apologize to that guest and say that my actionswere very discourteous, neglectful and ignorant. In addition to myignorance, I worsened things by taking part in a conversation thathindered me from creating an efficient, guest-friendly environment. Asan employee, I need to be attentive all guest interaction, and thissort of behavior detracts from where my focus should be: on theguests' needs.

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