Thursday, November 6, 2008

See Me - Feel Me

I see signs everywhere, like the election and life in general. Just this morning after I awoke from a near nightmare, which in itself is a sign, my day was programed. I was a little disturbed by the nightmare even though it happened in the AM.
So my day began with a negative. I looked outside in to the lanai and noticed the water flowing ever so slightly over the edge of the pool directly toward the bedroom door. Hubby had started to fill the pool the previous night and forgot to turn off the hose. So the water ran all night long. I just can't wait to get that water bill. And to make matters worse he left the fence gate open. The dog, good dog that he is, apparently didn't notice.
So I'm sitting in front of the computer and I realize that I cannot see the words on the screen. I remember putting in my contacts but I certainly did not mean to put in two left eye contacts.
My signs again.

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