Sunday, August 8, 2010

Here Kitty-Kitty

My plans for today - tubing down the Rainbow River have been scrapped - dashed - washed away. It's raining - has been like all day long. The last day before school starts and I sit at home twiddling my thumbs. I mean one could get wet tubing down the river in the rain. I think the rain may stir up the gators - don't want to do that!

Well, it's thundering so lightening can't be too far behind. Dang, I really wanted to go to escape this inferno. Probably a good thing the rain interfearred and the fact that I watched Nat. Geo and the salt water crocs that have been attacking people. It was Australia but they could swim here. So I would have been on pins and needles thinking about the crocs and my toes hanging over the side of a tube. That small tube a croc or a gator could deflate with one small yawn.

So instead I did something more productive. I started the plan for next summer. Always trying to be proactive. Went looking for an airstream trailer to take up into the North Carolina mountains. After the sticker shock $70,000.00 I am thinking about plan B. I may have to sleep on that.

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