Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Return of the neti pot

The rain has been non-stop - the pool temperature has plummeted - and the asthma is rearing its ugly head already. I was truly hoping for an easy asthma/allergy year to begin. School has started so that aspect has some influence on my bronchial system and poorly functioning lungs. All those little hands and all those germs just waiting to find a host.

Started the neti pot this morning hoping to stave off a full scale infection. Wishing I could do a couple laps in the pool - but - way toooo cold for me. Wishing I could go for a quick walk but the foot hurts tooo bad. Woe is me - once again.

Today I am happy because..............

1. hubby is feeling better and went to work
2. at this moment in time it is not raining
3. I have my umbrella with me

So much to be happy about and then the bus and being in charge. Those not adding significantly to my high spirits will be thrown off my bus because I am the driver and I am in charge and I do not want any negativity choking me.

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