Monday, August 16, 2010

I see them everywhere

Sometimes I feel that I am surrounded by stupid people. They seem to be everywhere. Yesterday when visiting a wonderful Florida state park a baby alligator was observed very close to the swimming area. A little boy (around 8 years old) was smacking his snoodle in the water tryng to get some type of reaction from the baby.
He received no reaction so he picks up a stick and throws it at the baby alligator. I reprimand him in no uncertain terms about abusing the gator. Standing right next to this child is his mother. She says nothing to me or her child. She didn't even tell him not to throw more sticks. Where does this responsibility lie?
So this child apparently has no boundaries and can do whatever he wants. I wonder what will happen as he gets older?
Then while tubing down a crystal clear river where no disposable items are allowed I see two people smoking - and where did the butts go? Most of the property along the river is posted with 'PRIVATE PROPERTY NO TRESPASSING SIGNS' - did this curtail others from climbing on to private docks and jumping off. NO!
What is wrong with people? Or is it me?

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