Monday, August 9, 2010

Inside, Outside, Upside Down

Today, I am here all alone. OMG!! It is wonderful. Not that I don't enjoy being around hubby - I love you snookums! But the thought of doing nothing, doing only what I choose to do is a fantabulous feeling. I can listen to Van Morrison all day. That's what I'm doing right now.

Took a swim, ate my bifidus regularus, pulled some weeds, drank way too much coffee, started the laundry, talked to the kid, talked to the neighbor, said hello to Tuffy, went swimming again, fed the turtles, searched for a travel trailer online and sat outside to absorb the lovely sunshine and the quiet of the neighborhood.

Pretty dull. But then again dull can be inspiring. Sometimes my CRS takes over.

Yesterday we stopped at Camping World on on way to the Airstream dealer and I was in dire need of the facilities. I have started wearing sports bra's - so comfy. Visually they are not too impressive. This summer I purchased this awesome shirt from Columbia (I love Columbia clothes). The orange shirt is a tad low cut and almost but not quite off the shoulders. So, I slip on my pink sports bra - what was I thinking? Pink and orange? Whatever!

So on my exit from the facilities at Camping World,while washing my hands because you never know what kind of germs are in a public facility, I look in the mirror and OH what horrors are there to scare me. I've got the stupid pink sports bra on inside out. And the entire world has seen my faux pau clothing mistake. I am horrified.

I slip back in the stall taking care of what items I touch, they could be infested with fecal matter or other icky stuff. I take off my orange Columbia shirt stuff it inside my shorts so I don't have to place it on any object inside the stall and correctly replace the pink sports bra. I pull my orange shirt out of the waistband of my shorts and slip it back on.

I exit the stall taking great care to not touch anything. So, should I wash my hands again? This was another of my missteps. I didn't wash. Strike me dead.

I search for hubby inside the showroom at Camping World. It's a small store so it was not too difficult. I reprimand him for not telling me my pink sports bra was on inside out. He just gives me that look. Then he laughs and gives me another one of his looks. Then I realize - NOW - I have my orange Columbia shirt on inside out - tags showing. Back to the facilities and this time I will wash and check out my appearance in the mirror.

So the quiet and dullness of today will be a blessing.

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