Monday, August 2, 2010

Services for Sale

Back in the horse and buggy days there were these salesmen of sorts or today we refer to them as entrepreneurs. They sold just about everything - from elixir to rain sales. Your town needs rain just call on these 'rainmakers' and they will come - chant -dance - sing - shake their booties and bring rain.

I think it worked? If not they probably hung them high from the nearest tree. But how can anything grow without water? They probably just ran them outta town.

So I believe hubby and I could be modern day rain makers. If some town, county or state needs rain - just hire us to come camping. You can bet your last dollar that it will rain.

Spent a lovely weekend in the panhandle of Florida and yep - it rained. It rained and soaked all of our camping stuff and us. I'm sure glad all the people in tents did not know about our ability to bring rain. We would have been chased out of the campground for sure.

So how do we monopolize on this wonderful talent that we possess? Advertise? Have our truck wrapped with the message and an 800 number to call for services, put an ad on Craigs List?

Perhaps we should just enjoy this talent that we have and keep it a secret.

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Lyrics of Love and Lore said...

Ha. The minute you try to make money on your talent is when the gods intervene and POOF!---it doesn't work any more. Just enjoy it.
Of course, you could work on a commission basis---here in Plano, Texas we are dying for a downpour.