Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Distant Drums

I received another advertisement in the mail today. They have gone past looking inside my arteries they are looking at my future. It's a rather scary future. I have been offered insurance to cover my care when I am no longer able to care for myself. What? I have a long way to go before I am plopped into a nursing home facility. And when I am my brain will be so on another planet I probably won't even care I am given jello everyday.

Insurance for long term care? You marketeers need to do more in depth surveys and contact (or harass) the correct population. I am light years away from retirement.

Maybe we could save a few hundred thousand trees by not turning them into advertisement brochures. Or at least use recycled paper. When us folks to get to that nursing home age we will need all that paper to write long letters to our children who have forgotten us.

At least with the mail advertisements I can shred them and use them as mulch as opposed to calls during dinner that push me over the edge. Yes, I am on the Do Not Call list but sometimes they get through.

My rant for today is over!

1.I am happy I go to the doctors today to get a final okay on the foot. I'm hoping he doesn't notice I did not follow his directions and finally had to go in the water. It wasn't my fault - too hot here not to take advantage of spring water at a cool 68 degrees. And oh - so clear and pure. I'm hoping he will accept that excuse.

2.I'm happy hubby made an excellent breakfast for me this morning.

3.I'm happy my friend is no longer unemployed.

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Lyrics of Love and Lore said...

Ha. Yeah, I know what you mean about the long-term care ads and promos. Frankly, nursing homes scare the hell outta' me. I hope I have the guts to end it myself if it comes to that. And, the damn things are expensive, too! So much for anything left over for the kids.

If you ever want something to REALLY rant about, put your home on the market. Ours has been for sale for a couple of months. Between realtors who don't do what they said they were going to do and having to keep the place looking good ALL the time, I'm ready for someone to just shoot me!

Have a great day!