Tuesday, August 10, 2010

STOP in the name of love

STOP in the name of love - before I get a ti- i -ket - and pay a fine. Supreme!

I'm sure you have seen those red octagon signs with letters that say S T O P. When driving most of us know this means to step on the brake pedal to bring the car to a stop - a complete stop. There are some drivers who think the STOP sign is an accessory to the landscape.

So hubby (sweetheart that he is) occasionally has the afflictions of CRS, old tymers disease, lost in space attitude and hep me-hep me. On this particular day while touring and staying at one of Florida's finest state parks he blows through one of those STOP signs. He was driving at about 2 miles an hour in a campground on a dirt road with absolutely no traffic. He just slid around that curve and he did look to the left and drove right by a state trooper sitting there waiting for his catch of the day.

I wonder why he wasn't out looking for drug smugglers or bank robbers? But there he was sitting by the STOP sign just waiting for some excitement. He turns on his red lights and pulls us over. He was very nice - even though he has been assigned to STOP sign duty at a state park with little congestion. I wonder who he pissed off to get this boring assignment? Hubby told the nice trooper he didn't even notice the STOP sign. Honesty is a good rule. He was given a written warning.

I sat next to him blabbering about being more attune to his environment and just plain paying attention to the outside world he lives in.

Yesterday, I was off to the mall. I drove around the almost deserted parking lot way around to the back of the mall. One finds more empty spaces on the back side. There are about a dozen STOP signs in this mall parking lot - half of which are in the back 40acres. Yes, I stopped for every dang one of them. So way back in the back corner I see a police car - just sitting and watching those STOP signs.

I think he's watching me and then I contemplate what the speed limit is in a mall parking lot? Have I seen a speed limit sign? I get nervous about him sitting back there so far from a Dunkin Donuts. Perhaps he too has been punished and has been assigned parking lot STOP sign duty. But yet - criminals roam the street while deputy dog sits in a car watching for STOP sign offenders. STOP in the name of love before you get a ti - i - ket.

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