Monday, August 30, 2010

The Rats of NIMH

Hubby and I have reached the ultimate LOW in the entertainment department. August in Florida is somewhat like standing on the rim of hell in a Nannuck of the North furry winter jacket with a faux fox fur lined hood. We are a non animal wearing family. Except for cat dander and her excessive shedding all over the house. A little known fact about Florida - it's HOT here. Most of the time.

When daring to go outside and braving the elements we head for the pool. AAAHHH. Even after swimming laps, diving to the bottom to remove dead spiders - even after the fingers have shriveled up the pool loses its magnetic pull. What to do?

Off to Walmart and the clearance section - my all time favorite place to be on a Saturday morning watching the Walmartonians in full dress uniforms. A new one is a guy - shirtless - baggy shorts - work boots with white long socks - holding a guitar with a huge smile on his face and a British flag draped around his neck like Superman's cape. He struts his wares up and down the main street. I don't know if he is protesting BP or some of their elusive oil has penetrated his brain matter.

Back to Walmart and the clearance section. We purchased two super-soakers. For pool amusement after the fun wears out. Our new game is shooting (pool water) at the red ants and an occasional anole. How sad our existence has become that we have stooped to this level. Next we may be wrapping ourselves in a Confederate flag and skip down main street playing a flute waiting for the rats to follow us to Walmart.

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