Sunday, August 1, 2010

Florida panhandle

I have this list of one million and three things I need to do before I die. This weekend I crossed one of those things OFF my list. Been there - did that - never want to do that again!
It's not a paper and pencil list, it's a head list. I keep it inside my brain - that could be why I have CRS.

So this weekend I got to cross off 'camping in Florida during the summer'. HOT, does not even describe the weekend. On the beach I was expecting a breeze but all we got was the hazmat people scooping up oil on the beautiful white sandy beaches on the panhandle.

The Florida panhandle has also been referred to as the Redneck Riviera. Oh boy is that statement true. Confederate flags all over the place - scary.

I also added to my list another destination in Florida. Seaside, Florida is a planned community and they planned it wonderfully. It is most likely one of the most friendliest places I have been except a car dealership. On the negative side it was a little like the Stepford Wives.

I saw an entire family, mom, dad and four boys dressed in khaki shorts and a cream colored top. Interesting!

Anyhow - no more Florida camping during the summer months. Even with air condition in the camper. Just tooooo hot. I bet I would have felt differently in a sweet condo in Seaside w/pool for only a thousand bucks a day. Although staying at a luxury condo with a pool and a pool boy is no where near the term CAMPING. That's why Seaside is my number 6,355 on my way to one million and three.

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