Saturday, August 21, 2010

People of Walmart

I admit I have gone to the 'people of walmart' web site and tossed a few cookies after viewing. Bright and early this morning (before breakfast) standing at the check out line in the garden center in walks a poster person for the 'people of walmart' site.

He is holing a large potted palm tree and says,"Can I leave this here while I do more shopping?"

The associate says, "Sure."
And then it happened! OMG!!!He bent over to place the potted palm on the floor and there it was. OMG!!! Right in front of our faces. A crack the size of the Grand Canyon. EEEWWWW!!!! Say NO to crack!!

I made a comment, hubby made a comment and the associate - bless her soul - rolled her eyes.

Wishing I had camera in hand to catch that masterpiece. I was so stunned I would have never been able to snap the picture.

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