Friday, August 6, 2010

Rocket Man

I witnessed this amazing, unbelievable and quite disgusting incident yesterday in the turtle pond. I was feeding the guys brine shrimp - a treat for them. Normally they get tadpoles but for some odd reason this year we have no tadpoles in the front pond. It's a mystery. So I bought them brine shrimp.

They have to chase the little suckers around the pond which offers them exercise and a chance to do some real hunting for their food. I love watching them. But this day the watching turned into a little bit of gross me out - gag me with a spoon episode.

One of the guys lets out this stream of poop. It came out his back end like a rocket. Flew out so fast it caused a ripple in the pond. And there was a lot of that stuff and it flew halfway across the pond there was soooo much force. I never thought their would be so much force. Actually I never even considered what a turtle pooping would look like.

Anyway it was a sight to behold. I'm hoping I never witness this again. The incident reminded me of the hippo at Homassassa Springs. They have a sign that warns people about standing clear of the splatter zone. I witnessed that explosion one time. A memorable vision. Some things just amaze me.

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