Saturday, August 7, 2010


So we purchased this new weed wacker this morning. The front lawn was looking mighty ragged and I didn't want a nasty gram from the HOA. We had a nice weed wacker but the kid borrowed it to use at the girlfriends grandmother's house. And that was the end of our weed wacker.

I wanted to be the first one to use the weed wacker - I go inside and put on my bathing suit with an appropriate cover - so as not to scare the neighbors. Away I go - weed wacker bliss. I'm out by the palm tree and the string hit something and it flew out and hit me in the right knee. Ouch. I'm guessing that's why you wear long pants when wacking weeds.

After I almost break the new weed wacker I take a dip in the pool. It's so easy all I do is drop my top and jump in. Well, all those weeds were kind of sticking to my body like glue. No problem - they all came off in the pool. Hopefully the skimmer is working today.

My knee hurts so I check it out. There is this huge humongous bruise and raised lump on my kneecap. Dang! Shoulda worn long pants - you fool. My mind starts rolling - not always a good sign. I'm thinking this bruise will turn into a blood clot - break loose and go directly to my heart and I will drop dead in a nanno second. Just like all those television shows I watch. Maybe I should stop watching television and do something productive.

I am so over the new weed wacker. I think I'll read a book and chill by the pool that is full of small green weeds.

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