Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dragging the line

I feel the need to vent! I was unjustly accused by 'him that shall not be named but he knows who he is' for misplacing or just out and out loosing one pair of L.L. Bean jeans. Yes, during our wonderful summer road trip I did do the laundry. Halfway through the adventure we ran out of clean clothes. There never was the option to buy new clothes and toss the dirty ones in the trunk due to the fact that we were traveling in the baby car. Gas prices!

So the only solution was to wash the stinky smelly clothes. Upon returning home from our marvelous adventures he who will still not be named said - "Where are my L.L. Bean pants?"

Well it's not like I wear them or packed your suitcase. There was the implication that 'I' was the one that caused their disappearance. So, made a few calls trying to track down the L.L. Bean pants and came up with nothing-nado-nuttin. Still the implications were directed at me for my loss of clothing that of course did not belong to me and really was not my responsibility to be in charge of said pants.

So this morning as we are getting ready to depart for yet another wild and wacky Florida adventure - he who still remains nameless says," Oh look I found my pants in my underwear drawer."

Yes, I do the laundry at home and ALL clean items are placed in a laundry basket and placed on 'he who will not be named' his side of the bed. So - remove that look from your face - step up and accept the blame and place it where it should truly go.

And we had an awesome tubing adventure down the Rainbow River in water temperatures of 72 degrees and air temperatures of about 95. A good choice for today's activities.

Dragging the line by Tommy James and the Shondells.

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