Saturday, August 14, 2010

There's a frog on my umbrella

Lately when I've been sitting outside I hear noises and it sounds like it's coming from the roof. I'm thinking it's a wayward squirrel using my roof as a shortcut to the oak trees in the neighbors yard. Then the dark thoughts come and I have visions of that hawk that's been hanging around the turtle pond. Just the other day I saw him flying low over the side yard. Do hawks eat turtles? I don't know. I sure hope not.

Then the mind wanders into fantasy land and I think it may be a family pet reptile that someone has let escape (on purpose) into the wilds of suburbia. Stranger things have happened. And when some snakes get too big the owners let them go. Many release them in the Everglades but you never know what people will do.

Bright and early this morning before the sun begins to make an appearance - I'm out swimming in the pool and I hear a noise. I stop dead in my tracks - actually that would be dead in my swim strokes. I'm as still as the dead spider floating around in the pool. I hate spiders. I better scoop him out.

I hear the noise again. I get sissy girl scared and get out of the pool. As I'm wrapping myself with the towel - I see it. There's a frog on the top of my umbrella and he's just hopping away having the time of his life. OOOHHHHH - a sign of relief.

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