Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Tooth

There is nothing quite like a tooth ache. I despise going to the dentist - so I wait till it's usually too late. I wait till the pain is unbearable and then I call. I have this aversion to dentistry in general - one of those childhood nightmares.

Several years ago while on vacation (yes, it was a weekend) I had an abcess on one of my teeth. Every emergency we seem to have happens on a weekend. Why is that? The procedure always cost more if you can find a medical person available. Or you suffer great distress for the entire weekend. Even when our animals get sick or hurt - it's on a weekend or after hours. The cost of an emergency visit is unbelievable.

OMG. I feel like I am to that point again. I hate to call but I know I have to call. I been popping the pills but it doesn't even touch the pain.

I wonder how people coped with this awful hurt and pain before they had access to dentistry? Did the blacksmith really pull out the culprit with his pliers? Ouch! The longer I ignore the problem the bigger it will become. I will try to shut my childhood traumas in the closet and face the demons.

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