Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fast Times in Florida

I live in Florida - love visitors and expect visitors to trickle in. The means to the end - hopefully they eventually leave. We have two extra permanent bodies now living (?) in our household. (?) Taking up space, eating everything that's not growing green, texting 24/7, sleeping till noon and wanting their clothes washed. Yep, two teens.

This week we have company from the north. Let's do the math 2 adults, 3 kids, 2 teens me and hubby. All this in a two bedroom two bath house. I have placed -take-a-number by the bathroom doors. The kitchen is like a cafeteria - eating standing up is not an option - it's reality. We have four chairs at the table.

My hallway now serves as a shoe store with many varieties, sizes, colors and models. The scooters, helmets and basketball rest dangerously against the closet doors. Soda cans, juice boxes and empty wrappers overflow from the trash can. The T.V. is permanently fixed on the Cartoon channel. My slow and predictable routine is buried under a load of mismatched socks, shorts, wet bathing suits and hoodies.

This too shall pass and when the vaction is over 5 will head back home and I will have fun with the teens. Yes, you do have a curfew. No do not sneak in through the bedroom window. You smoke you die. No girls in the room with a closed door. I don't care what you did at your house!!!
Oh - just the luxury of spending alone time in the bathroom again. Watching the news on t.v. And quiet minus the loud music from the boys' room. Company is truly wonderful. spring break is just a few weeks away and I think the sign in my front yard says - Stay Here.

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