Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ronster Man

The big guy is sick. He had his rabies shot and within several days acted depressed. Can dogs be depressed? Actually it seemed to be more than his shot - we had company and he was sent to the garage to live till the company left. That's when the depression started - or so it seemed.

This guy will eat anything including broccoli and he just stopped eating. He moped around like he was on his deathbed. He layed outside beneath the tree like Ferdinand the bull ( a great story).

Today he is a little perkier and has a vet visit this afternoon. He won't be happy with that. Will have to get the muzzle out again. I'm sure his energy level will spike when he sees the vet.

I miss his abundant energy and his short attention span. It's sad to see him so despondent.

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