Saturday, February 16, 2008


My front door squeaks. It's the kind of wake you up from a deep sleep squeak. I love that squeak. Do I fix it by adding a little WD40 to it? No - no way!!! It's almost like a silent but noisy alarm. My bedroom is to the rear of the house and when that door is open in the front of the house I'm outta bed in a flash or just relieved that the kid is home before his curfew.

Even if you open the door very slowly - it still squeaks. I love it. So the teenager has not been able to sneak in without us finding out. Alas - he has found out about the silent noisy alarm. He has tried opening it fast and very very slow but in an instant there I am questioning his coming in past curfew.

We have discussed the curfew and he doesn't like it - too bad - so sad!!! We have extended it for an hour but that's the limit. So he has found a way to bypass the silent noisy alarm. He has taken to sneaking in his bedroom window. He leaves it open a crack and then slips in from the outside. No squeaky door to contend with.

So i've fixed his wagon. Tonight if he tries to sneak in past curfew his window will be locked. Then, it's back to the squeaky front door. It's so tuff being a teenager.

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oliveoyl64 said...

I found your blog through Sarcasticmom. I'll be bookmarking yours.

My mother did something similar to me when I was 18. The key worked in the door slowly...BAM, the chain was on the door and SHE was sticking her face through the crack. I spent the night in my car.:)