Friday, February 29, 2008

Living with teens

How did it come to this? Been there - done that - doing it again. Now there are two teenage boys on the premises. This means - the fridge is always empty, there is never any hot water for a shower and the food bill has risen faster than the gas prices.

I find stinky sneakers smelling up the foyer. I have tossed them outside on several occasions. Clean towels are a precious commodity. I can usually find the wet towels stuffed in the hamper with the lid closed. Piles of soiled clothes live in the corner of their bedroom. I try not to enter the bedroom - it's just too scary. And sometimes there are strangers in there.

Money - seems to be a necessity. I need, I need, I need. I'm broke.

The phone rings non-stop as does the doorbell with frequent visitors.

Then we have the drama with the girlfriends. The animated discussions in the front yard for all the neighbors to witness is most humiliating.

I'm hoping this adventure will keep me young. We can all hope.

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