Thursday, February 14, 2008

Beyond Pain

So, the side of my face is a bit swollen and very warm to the touch. The pain intensifies with every movement I make. My dental appointment is tomorrow - thank you - thank you. Popping pills seems to have no effect on the source of the pain. I know I have waited way too LONG. My bad!!!

I dislike (pretty much hate) going to the dentist. I have major panic attacks just thinking about it. Recently I have found if I take my IPOD and turn the volume way up - it helps. I procrastinate and then pay the price.

Perhaps it would be better to have false teeth - after all George Washington had a set of wooden chompers. I wonder if he ever got splinters? I wonder if they were laminated like the new floors that shine so bright? You just snap them together for a perfect fit.

The pain is too intense to think and write clearly so off to lala land I go.

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