Monday, February 25, 2008

9 to 5

I love the movie 'Office Space'. I thought it was a joke. I am rethinking my theory. Work in general pretty much sucks but one has to pay the bills, get satisfaction from their job and live the American dream. Work ethics are high priority - at least I thought that. I have seen the light or some strange glow.

How is it that a teenager can get a job at an electronics store at the mall and make almost as much as me? He calls in sick on a regular basis. Positve aspect - he does call in. But he calls in when he wants to chill or go out with his friends - not sick.

He gets to work at least one minute before his shift. His response, "I start work at ten, why get there at 9:45?" Okay, I'm lost here.

His female co-workers (including his 19 year old manager) hit on him. I know he's a handsome dude but come on. On week four he gets a promotion and a pay raise. Okay, I'm lost here.

I am so glad he has a job and it helps that he has money to burn and that he does very well. He's always broke and lives from payday to payday. He has all the latest gadgets and hip clothes. He eats out all the time.

Life seems to have taken a path that I am unfamiliar with. That fork in the road and I took the one less traveled - apparently I should have taken the other path. At the end of the movie 'Office Space', the character is living it up on some tropical island. Where is the justice? I'm off to work.

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