Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pull Up Your Pants

That's what they are saying in Baldwin, Florida. If you walk down the streets in Baldwin showing off your plaid boxer's expect a $500.00 fine or community service. 'We ain't goina take it no more'.

I don't care to see any ones underclothing or that swaying walk to keep the pants from completely falling around the knees. It looks so uncomfortable. My suggestion is for everyone over 21 years of age ( this includes you Gramma) to walk around showing their behinds with pants hanging to their ankles. I bet the kids will soon drop this fashion faux.

I admire the town of Baldwin for trying to keep their town in line. I would rather see this addressed in the schools. If Baldwin makes loose pants a crime what will be next? My lime green Crocs? And why is it that men can strut the beaches topless but women cannot? I'm not saying I want to it's just that I don't have that right and the men do. How is that fair?

Who said life is fair? I've heard that statement a million times. I wonder how a town can make such a law about clothing? I completely understand their thoughts on the low rider pants but to take it to the next level is puzzling. A well endowed female can wear a skimpy tank top - bra less and that is okay. You see more there than staring at plaid boxers. Let's make a dress code for the entire town.

Well, Baldwin, the next time I drive through your town I will not stop - but I will look for offenders. Remember if you are driving north to Baldwin on 301 do travel the speed limit. Look for signs that say - Speed Trap. I wonder what the sign will say in the town of Baldwin?

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