Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I've been feeling a bit down lately - probably the winter blues and all the changes going on in my life right now. Feeling -Oh Woe Is Me! This morning I read a blog from one of my favorite bloggers -

She is dealing with depression and a nasty illness. She has a reason to be down. So I take my own sad feelings and tossed them in the shredder. That is not exactly true I burnt up the shredder several years ago and have never replaced it. I just did a pretend shred of negative feelings. And then the car situation rose its ugly head to remind me it doesn't want to be around much longer. When the old girl goes we will be down to one vehicle. Another car payment YUCK!!! I have my health (somewhat) so the heck with the old rust bucket car. The old man can ride his bike to work. LOL!!!

I need to look at all the positve aspects in my life right now. Like the grocery bill tripling since the kid moved back in and then his needs (ALWAYS invloving MONEY). He does make life exciting and makes us liven up our sedentry lifestyle.

My issues are minor compared to so many others. 'Don't worry be happy'. I should buy that song and play it non-stop for days on end.
Things I have to be thankful for ````````````
1. a loving spouse
2. a great grandson
3. a bike to ride to work
4. a dog that pees on the rug (throw rugs can be washed in a minute)
5. a dog that sheds excessively ( we keep the vacuum cleaner onsite)
6. a cat that bites
7. three turtles that love me totally
8. koi that can't wait for me to feed them
9. a job
10. and a blog to keep me sane

and so many more GREAT things but work calls so off I go~~~~~~

Peace - Sarcastic mom

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Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

What a great outlook - it's a very good idea to list the things you have to be happy about when you're feeling down! I should try this... but it's hard not to let sarcastic things sneak into the list, isn't it? ;-)