Saturday, February 9, 2008

Coffee Time Again

What goes better with a beautiful morning? A fresh cup of coffee. The sun has just began its ascent to brighten the gorgeous day. It was a little brisk so I donned my fleece L.L. Bean robe that has been with me for years. I venture outside with coffee in hand and find a secluded place to sit and sip. A few birds serenade me with a soft sound. Dew is absent from the tropical painted comfortable adirondack chairs. They are comfy and sort of mold to your backside and the wide arms make a perfect table to hold the cup of brew.

All is right with this morning and my world. Peace, quiet a little melody in the air and a strong cup of coffee with cream. A perfect time to meditate renew my thoughts before the work day begins. Just the smell of the coffee sends my taste buds swirling like a rogue wave crashing onto the beach in the late summer. I hear the dull thud of the dog door - then back to natures silence. Perhaps he will not find me.

His heavy footsteps thump across the wooden deck. His panting lets me know the toy is in his mouth and he is ready for play. I suck down a hot gulp of fresh coffee - with cream. I set my coffee on the large arm of the brightly painted yellow adirondack chair. I look away from him. He drops the toy right by my left foot. He pants and slobbers on my exposed right foot. Still, I pay him no attention.

Another swig of the warm lucious brew. His panting grows frantic and he grabs the toy and dances around. Anything for attention is his motto. I reach out to take his toy. His movement was instant and deadly. The tail a dangerous weapon wacks my coffee cup and sends it flying, shattering on the wooden deck. I sit placidly in my comfy adirondack chair and feel the hot coffee drip from my fleece L.L. Bean robe all the way down to my bare toes. He just stands in front of me with the stupid toy clutched in his mouth wagging that dangerous tail with a gleam in his eye. I yell obsenities at him and the wag of the tail escalates. He doesn't have a clue.

I stand and hold the soggy robe away from my body and walk back in the house. I look over my shoulder and his long pink tongue is licking up the fresh hot coffee with cream. His tail wags excessively. My day begins.

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