Monday, February 11, 2008

Message on a Bottle

I prowl the beaches looking for trash. I photograph the treasures and them pick them up. If one person would pick up one piece of trash per day soon our beaches would be trash free. Can you imagine if every person picked up an entire bagful of trash. WOW. Imagine no one littering our great land - wouldn't that be wonderful.
When I walk the dog I carry two bags - one for his deposits and the other for found objects. I DO NOT pick up after other dogs SORRY!!!! I have stepped in it many times. Thank you lazy butt pet owners.
Aspire to inspire before you expire.


secret agent mama said...

So awesome!!! :D

frog ponds rock... said...


MommyTime said...

Nice to clean the beaches. Nothing makes me sadder than litter on the beach -- but I never remember to take a trash bag with me there, since we're only on a beach on a vacation, and I'm usually so focused on sunscreen, etc. Thanks for the reminder!

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Wow @ that picture. Poor little guys!

You are right - just a small effort from every person would have such a huge impact!

Thanks so much for being one of the people making a difference! :-)