Monday, February 18, 2008

Coffee with grounds

I normally do not make the morning coffee - I just push the little button and wait a few and reap the rewards. My sweetiekins is in charge of coffee making. For many reasons he doesn't trust me to produce the precious brew. So I don't feel so bad over this mornings disaster. If he wanted a good cup of coffee he should have fixed it last nite - this is his normal procedure and he is a creature of habit.

A few ( a lot) of grounds in the coffee makes it rather interesting and unique. Instead of reading tea leaves we can read coffee grounds. If I had a sifter perhaps I could sift out the grounds and he would never know, But then, there are the telltale grounds left on the counter, the floor and a trail that leads to the living room. He might suspect some wrong doing. I could clean it up - hide the evidence.

It's his job to prepare the morning coffee. NOT MINE. He will have to suffer. He could make a fresh pot but I used all the beans up. It's either a trip to the store or the coffee shop down the road.

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