Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Lost Sock Mystery

It's happened to me for many years and I am just mystified. It happens occasionally and rather quickly. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to the madness. It just happens. It crosses no gender borders, color schemes or monetary impact. It's not predictable it can happen once a week or once every six months - but it DOES happen.

Yesterday, I put soiled laundry in the washing machine. I wasn't in a hurry and I wasn't multi-tasking. I was paying absolute attention to my task. It wasn't my usual laundry day and I was in a cleaning mood. So I popped in a load of whites. Then I tossed the whole shabang into the dryer with two summer fresh scent dryer sheets.

Off to work I went leaving the clothes tumbling alone in the dryer. I know you are not supposed to leave the dryer on and leave the house - so I am guilty of breaking that rule. Who makes up these rules anyways?

After dinner - made by my live in chef I pulled the laundry from the dryer placed it lovingly into my round blue plastic laundry basket. I dumped the entire pile on my couch and watched the evening news while folding our summer fresh smelling clothes.

HHMMM. One pair of tan ribbed socks went into the dryer and just ONE sock - just ONE sock came out! I returned to the laundry room and searched the area. I involved the dog in the futile search. I looked under, over, inside, outside and upside down. Dr. Seuss save me. There was no mate for the lonely sock. I checked the other laundry baskets - none-nada. Like a flash flood in the Arizona desert - nothing.

I tore apart the couch looking under the cushions and behind the curtains. The sock mate was nowhere. Misery loves company? This was by far my favorite sock and this misshap has happened many times before. Where do they go? And what do they do? Alone in the world without a mate. And never a ransome note and never - ever - found again.

Is there a spirit world out there where they converge and stretch? Are they gathered in darkness and sent to Site 51? Are they space lifted by one legged ghosts? Are they abducted by alien beings? Does the IRS keep them for back taxes? Are they sucked into the dryer motor? Is my mother-in-law trying to make me look like a bad homemaker? Is time travel an option for them? Is it global warning? These questions will haunt me for ever and ever.

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