Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ron Recovering

Ron had his vets visit - wasn't that fun. They requested we use THEIR muzzle. He was not a happy camper. There were four attendants and the vet and yet they still could not contain him. Should have given him a feel good pill before he went in. He just does not like the vets and do I blame him? No. You see them coming with that thermometer and you know where it's going. He has gone from 100 pounds down to 80. That is a significant weight loss - perhaps he could get a commercial on TV. If only I could drop 20 pounds in a week.

So, $164.00 dollars later the vet is clueless. They don't know what his problem is besides the fact that his behavior is atrocious. We try - bought Cesar Milan's book, walk him everyday, try in vain to become the pack leader - we have failed. He is who he is.

Today Ron seems much perkier and he is eating his milk bones and he especially likes his new (expensive - very expensive) dog food. Perhaps he was depressed after all? Right now he seems on the road to recovery. The vets will call today with his test results. I wonder how much that will set us back. I think I should purchase pet insurance.

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