Monday, February 4, 2008

Stupor Bowl

Monday is a work day that comes right after Sunday - all the time. Some things never change! So why?? did I let someone talk me into going to a sports bar to eat, drink watch the game and drink some more. I was weaving on the way out the door. I had my desiganated driver. I alone am responsible for my head (it still aches), my 4 hours of sleep time (I need my sleep) and all that spicy edible finger food I stuffed in the pie hole (oh thank you for Zantac).

Right now I'm sitting bleary eyed and in a half-stupor typing away at this machine with the really bright screen that is causing me night blindness. I'm tired, cranky and still in a stupor from lack of my beauty sleep. I have posts to publish (should have been done this morning) but couldn't drag my weary body out of bed on time. My spell checker refuses to work - so accept the mistakes.

I am thankful the super bowl only comes once a year. Next year I will be better prepared and take the day off to sleep it off or practice some much needed self control and refuse those two for one drinks.

Who won?

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