Saturday, March 1, 2008

Theory of Relativity

Well the company (relatives) have left. It was a great time. I'm trying ever so hard sending the brain into overdrive for obnoxious - nit-picky - obscene family related horror stories about their visit. OMG!!!!

There is NONE. What's up with that? All (relatives) visitors have some flaw or annoying habit. Right. Why can I NOT find fault?

Well, Mike did buy that foolish hat at the gift shop. The one I purchased was awesome. And at night MaryEllen did insist on decaf tea. Can I stretch these two instances to a major relative issue?

The cold (and it was cold here) hard truth is we had a great time with the relatives and I cannot find any dirt to compose an epic novel. There is not even enough STUFF to get on the Jerry Springer or the Maury Povich show. Does this mean there is a possibility that SOME of our relatives are normal. NAW - I wouldn't go that far.

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