Monday, March 17, 2008

The Death of ME

My 2008 goal of - get fit-get-in-shape-get healthy-get-more exercise will very likely be the death of me. Last night I'm doing the walk around the block strutting my stuff. My head is held high, shoulders back, arms swinging at a fairly steady pace (for me) and then - BAM.

I fall off the sidewalk and none too graceful. My vision is blurred by the twilight and confusion. My surroundings have changed. Down I go onto the sandspur filled patch of roadway grass. Cars continue to roll by without a passing glance but perhaps a snort or a giggle. I pick myself up and continue my journey to better health. The limp and searing pain is evident instantly. I pay no mind to my humiliation and suffering.

I limp home casting my eyes downward to watch my steps. My agility always amazes me. Why do I take my spills blocks away from my home turf?

This new goal that I have planned for this year will either help me or ruin me. Tomorrow is another day - I think Scarlet spoke those words or something to that effect. I wonder if she ever fell off a sidewalk while doing her get fit goals?

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