Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Size Matters

This story is not even near funny - so please don't laugh. I didn't - honest!! Well, perhaps just a teensey bit, maybe more, like ROFLMAO. Do not try this stunt at home -----------

A certain person - he who shall not be named (hubby) took the car to the garage. It was long overdue but that is irrelevant. He who shall not be named (hubby) caught a ride home. The light bulb burst on when he who shall not be named (hubby) twisted the door handle - locked. Well - DUH. The burning light reminded he who shall not be named (hubby) that the house key was on with the car key that was at the garage with the car. The bulb dimmed.

He who shall not be named (hubby) proceeded around to the side of the house to the doggie door. Yep, the dog door -approximate size 12x18. We purchased the largest size for the German Shepard who tops out at 100 pounds.

He who shall not be named (hubby) needed desperately to get inside. It was time for lunch. Down on all fours like the dog he proceeded through the dog door. At some point he who shall not be named (hubby) became STUCK. You can't get there from here!

Sometime later the neighbor heard the pitiful cries and went to investigate. What a sight for her eyes. I can imagine her never seeing he who shall not be named (hubby) backside, she didn't know whose derriere she was viewing. A robber? A mass murderer? A house jacker?

She followed the correct criteria and called 911. I can just imagine the call. "Hello this is 911. What is your emergency?"
"Yes, I see this butt sticking out of my neighbors dog door and there is a lot of screaming."

I told you not to laugh!!!!

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