Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Life in a Teacup

Tea leaf reading and me. If someone read my tea leaves they would see it's either feast or famine. At times I am drowning in STUFF. My cupeth runneth over just like when the toilet gets plugged. The toilet runs over lots in our house. Not a pleasant task.

Then I have the other extreme where the tea leaves are dry and lifeless. Very much so like my lawn. Bare spots, weeds, sand spurs and ugly black sand is my xeroscape.
At times my cup is cracked and leaks life sustaining forces that leave me hollow and brittle. As dried up as Crews Lake in Shady Hills. All of life disappeared, gone, missing - the only remnants are a few scrubs and dried grasses. Beating hearts and the shattered souls have limped to purgatory. Held against their will - connections cut - ready to become dust. Dust that blows away silently and softly with the desert winds. The migration of pain explodes within.

There seems to be no 'between', it's - either or. No spring breaks or pleasant plateaus. No calm boat rides down the Peace River. It's barreling down a class 3 rapid on the Colorado River. I went white water rafting once - it was terrifying!!! My life at times is terrifying and then it's thrilling - like hang gliding off of Jockey's Ridge.

Words and lack there of pain my heart. Locked rooms, slamming doors, fences way too high and rivers with out bridges make life's journey a desperate race. Tears and sadness explode without warning.

Add a little water to enhance the tea, perhaps sugar and a little cream to change the demographics and flavor. Become a coffee drinker? I wonder if anyone ever reads coffee grounds? Life is a journey of sensations, manipulations and confrontations.

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