Thursday, March 20, 2008

sell on ebay

I've decided to sell my soul - put it online at ebay and sell it to the highest bidder.
Should I place a reserve bid on it?
What is a soul worth?
What if no one bids on it?
What is the category for souls?
What should the shipping charges be?
What if someone buys it and then wants to return it?

I figure if someone can sell a cornflake, a grilled cheese sandwich or a human bone on ebay - I can sell my soul. Perhaps I can become a 'power seller' on ebay or a distributor of lost souls or franchise my business. If I sold my soul I could afford gas for my car, my prescriptions, my home owners insurance (in Florida) and sidestep home foreclosure.

My favorite movie is 'Oh Brother Where Art Thou?' and the guitar player Tommy or Robert, whatever his name is (you'd think being my favorite movie I would remember names) sold his soul to the devil to be able to play a guitar. I'm not asking for super talents or to live forever - I'm just looking for a way to cash in during this recession (not - by some) we are having. Times are tough and one needs to improvise to survive.

How much would you pay for a soul?
Would you sell your soul?

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