Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Posse was assembled last night. All the troops came forward - at the same time. What a great choreographer he is. They rallied around for support, empathy (if they know what that is) and the roast. A very negative roast.

The poor girl was ripped to shreds by the verbal assault of the posse. Words illuminated her to neon glowing lights. Her 'my one and only' status was toppled and left in a crumbled pile of ruin. Phone calls were unanswered as the posse discussed her downfall.

Kicking stones, pacing a few slaps on the back and many gutter words spilled over into the street. I hunkered down inside wondering -what are the neighbors thinking? I suggested to the posse to keep the level down. They kicked more stones. The mood was dark and depressing.

I understand that you Mr. Wonderful have spent (wasted) 2 1/2 months of your life on this girl - but get over it. Move on. All this drama is coloring my life and not in a positive way.

The posse continued their emotional support for several hours - inside the house. The afternoon matinee for the neighbors was over.

The conclusion - he broke up with her. Oh, how that makes life so much easier when you are doing the dirty deed. The posse left with the dejected teen in tow and life continues.

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