Sunday, March 9, 2008

Alice in Stumbleland

Sur Amboy stood at the edge of the marsh his thoughts swirling like the incoming tide. His life had come crashing down before him and now he was left with questions mingled with dry tears. His heart cried on the inside hidden from view but all out word signs were contained. Sur Parrish was kidnapped most likely by the Queen of Hearts. Sur Amboy wondered if Parrish was safe and unharmed by his evil stepmother?

Days after the almost wedding Amboy and his posse searched diligently for Parrish. Sur Amboy's heart split apart and ruptured his common sense. There was no sign of his love: all trails were cold. His destiny now was to find Sur Parrish and have the reunion that they had planned for so many years. Years of enduring laughter, snide remarks and cruel overtures.

"I will find you Parrish. I will be your night in shining armour. I will not rest until we are together again. I will fight for our freedom and our right to be wed and live happily everafter."
A single solitary salty tear slid down Sur Parrish's cheek. The northeast wind blew the tear into the surf. The crash of the waves onto the sand gave Sur Amboy courage and fueled his outrage with society and the Queen of Hearts.

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