Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lost in Transition

The head count at my house in wayward teenage boys has risen to 3 permanent and several part timers. I can't even discuss my utility and grocery bills. It's not the money so much as the emotional upheaval and unresolved conflicts. The television program the Lost comes no where near the lives these teens are experiencing.

I have made several calls for some (any) type of intervention for these poor lost souls. Guess WHAT? There is none - nada. The response was - "Wait till they are 18 and get into trouble and then they will be treated as adults."


If I was in charge I would intervene NOW and try to help. We toss these kids away as if they were dirty dishwater. We turn our back on them, slam the door and say fend for yourself. They can't. They're immature, irresponsible and still very much kids. Kids that need guidance, love, respect and a safe place to live.

Why do we do this? What does their future hold for them?

Do any of the candidates talk about this problem? No. It seems like it is of little importance to society. If Hilary stated it takes a village to raise a child - where is that village? Send me the road map - I will surely go there.

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