Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Marriage and Low Blood Pressure

I keep reading these articles about happy marriages and low blood pressure. So, WHY is my blood pressure off the charts with medication? Does this mean that I live in an unhappy marriage? At the moment I would call it extremely chaotic and stressful.

It started back in November and now it's almost April - that would be 5 months of FRUSTRATION!!! The pool. Or shall I say the refurbishing of the pool. It may be the death of both of us.

Some women are married to romantics, organizers, workaholics, bums, cheaters and then we have the 'Do It Yourselfer'. That's the one I chose to spend my life with. We NEVER - NEVER - hire anything done by someone else. We do it ourselves - even IF we don't have a clue as how or what to do.

That's where the pool saga begins. It has been a nightmare since the onset. Rain - rain - more rain, broken equipment and anything else that could possibly go wrong - HAS.

Today we started the actual painting. Was there rain in the forecast? NO!!! Did it rain? YES!!!!

We chose a brilliant Robin's Egg Blue for the color and then the rain began (in earnest) and made wonderful streaks down the walls of the pool. Actually it reminds me of a Monet painting. So on the positive side - who else in this crazy world has a Monet style painted pool?

I guess I'm lucky to be wed to a real 'Do It Yourselfer'. So why doesn't my blood pressure go down?

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Anonymous said...

You know the answer to yur question, Life is what you make it. It isn't him if he's a good guy overall, it isn't the darn pool or even doing it yourself. The technique is called re-framing. That's when you take the inner voice that is telling you how stressful this situation is and change the message to something that is true but positve and different. Like, "well, the next time we do this we're going to know exactly what to do, until then it's all just 'learning'.